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Bike Wash

Bike Wash
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Here is a great product to wash your motorcycle wthout a whole bucket full of soapy water. Bike Wash is READY TO USE and formulated to clean even tough road dirt. Simply wet your vehicle and wash mitt. Spray Bike Wash onto your mitt or surface and wipe clean. Spray more Bike Wash as needed. Rinse with clean, clear water and dry use a Micro Fiber Towel.

Remember, Micro Fiber retains 7 to 8 times it's own dry weight and will not produce those scratches and swirls that terry towels, diapers and cotton fabrics have been doing for years. Click on MICROFIBER for a great selection and prices!

Now, to keep your ride looking freshly detailed, keep a 4oz bottle of QUICK Waterless Wash and Detail Spray and a Micro Fiber towel in your saddle bag. In just a few minutes, you'll have all the bugs off the windshield and backs of your mirrors and the day's road dust caught safely in your Micro Fiber towel. Your bike will have a brilliant shine.

Have a great ride and look good going down the road!

TIP: If you have a compressor, blow the excess water off all areas including nooks and crannies where you just can not reach to dry. If you do not have one, a small, inexpensive compressor is a wise investment.
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