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The 5 Rules of the Ultimate Cloth

  1. Use the cloth damp. Simply wet it with water & WRING IT OUT WELL. If you’re getting moisture that stays on your surfaces, you have too much moisture in your cloth.
  2. YOU CAN WASH IT & BLEACH IT …  I do love the bleaching aspect solely for the disinfectant properties as I use them around my kitchen all the time. Just don’t use any fabric softener. The microfibers do the work, but fabric softeners coat the surface of the cloth keeping them from being able to pull the dirt from your surfaces into the cloth. Besides, you don’t want anything on the cloth that will transfer back to your surfaces.
    NOTE: We guarantee a clean cloth will never streak, spot or scratch your surface. If you are getting streaks or spots, it's ready to be rinsed out with water or washed with soap or detergent depending on what you pulled into it. Be sure to rinse or wash any dirt or grit out of the cloth prior to using on a delicate surface.
  3. If you have any questions at all, BE SURE TO CALL THE NUMBERS WE PROVIDE in the cloth packaging or on the website. When you call our number, you don’t get a phone room in a foreign country … Okay, so you don’t even get a phone room here… You’ll get Steve, Audra, Susan or Jacquie – who are all dedicated to you being in love with the cloth – as our current customers already are… MONEY BACK GUARANTEED !
  4. USE THE ULTIMATE CLOTH ON ALL YOUR HARD SURFACES. Find out for yourself the surfaces you will enjoy using the cloth on. We get calls all the time from customers saying how much they love the cloth not only for their glass, mirrors, windshields, etc… but also for their counter tops, appliances, stainless steel, black & glass topped appliances, corian, marble, granite and more!
  5. When you do fall in love with the cloth - and you will - TELL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY ABOUT THE ULTIMATE CLOTH . It’s just too good not to share.

NOTE:  Please be sure to see all our quality car wash, car wax, microfiber and care care products offered.

Above all, enjoy the money & time this cloth will SAVE you.

For all orders over $175, shipping is free.

Our Product and Pricing Philosophy

Our goal is to earn your continued business by saving you money on every purchase.  We are not looking to get rich on individual orders but rather provide professional grade products at affordable prices and build volume sales.  We hope you will pass this site on to your friends and neighbors. . .and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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